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Name       : What Happens After That?

Author    :  Sneha Pyne

 Publisher :  Notionpress
Release date: June 26,2015

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is a suspense horror novel written by Indian author Sneha Pyne. It traces the deepening relationship between the lead actress, Ananya, and director , Mr. Khasab. It is notable for its thrills connecting towards an unworldly dark side.

Official Book Summary

The story starts with a dance performance in the film premier of the movie 'My Life', where the lead actress Ananya is present with Mr.Khasab. She finds him comforting, as he consoles her. Following this encounter, he decides to keep her the lead actress. She becomes a superstar overnight and beings an affair with Mr. Khasab.

But at the premiere, she encounters a horrific sight and collapses - her behaviour makes Khasab feel insulted and worried as she faints in fear.


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It includes the main and minor characters linked in the game of love,horror and happiness. The book attempts to play with emotions that will make you question everything you know and think once more.....

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